LinkedIn Connect for Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium
Recent ChangesĀ (all changes available in the same gist as another revision) Modified the LinkedIn connect for new share API Modified the Twitter connect part for new captcha verification, now user need to input the captcha in provided textbox he/she is seeing on screen Hello everyone, Recently I had a use-case to implement the Linkedin Connect with Appcelerator SDK, but unfortunately I'm unable to find the any plug-in or module to do that. I was already using one Titanium widget call...

Javascript Best Practices at Techday7 (developer’s life)

Nov 24th, another Techday7 event. This time Ramkumar andĀ  karthi are presenters and they presented about Javascript best practices and Titanium alloy framework. here is slide show about Javascript best practices by Ramkumar M [slideshare id=15327214&doc=javascript-121124090451-phpapp02&w=670&h=530] Few quick points:- * About GC in Javascript, GC is automatic.Objects are collected there is no references longer. Javascript Uses Mark and Sweep GC method. * Avoid the globa...