Review of the prototype Firefox OS Simulator

Today I tried with Firefox OS Simulator, recently Announced prototype Firefox OS Simulator Firefox few features and Screens: Welcome or lock screen : We can see notifications in the screen and it has indication move left or right. If we move left it will show Camera or right just unlock it. Apps Screen : Mostly all apps are rounded. We can arrange apps just like iOS (Tap and hold) will...

My First week with Windows 8 pro upgrade

Windows 8
This is purely my own experience with Windows 8. My overall experience is only one word it was Super. I upgrade my Windows 7 home premium OS new this Win 8 pro upgrade. I download and run Upgrade Assistant . Which read everything about my current os and system configuration. And list all  (un)supported apps. In my system I got 99 apps supported in Windows 8 and 9 apps not supported. Anyway I cleaned everything and insta...