LinkedIn Connect for Appcelerator Titanium

Recent Changes (all changes available in the same gist as another revision)

  • Modified the LinkedIn connect for new share API
  • Modified the Twitter connect part for new captcha verification, now user need to input the captcha in provided textbox he/she is seeing on screen

Hello everyone,

Recently I had a use-case to implement the Linkedin Connect with Appcelerator SDK, but unfortunately I’m unable to find the any plug-in or module to do that. I was already using one Titanium widget called social.js which is used to connect with twitter, though Twitter and Linkedin uses OAuth for the Authentication I planned to make some modifications on the Social.js, you can find the modified social.js CommonJS module here ( Require this module and you can easily authenticate with Linkedin and Twitter as well, by that you can post the contents to Linkedin and Twitter. Use the following code after importing social.js in your code base.

this social.js module is commonjs pattern so just require it by

LinkedIn Example


Twitter Example

remember you have twitter.deauthorize(); and linkedin.deauthorize(); functions are available to deauthorize

Social.js By – Ramkumar M