Google IO opening day updates

On Wed, June 27th,2012 – In this month we seen updated from Apple and Microsoft. Now¬† it Google’s time. Google Announced many things in the Google IO opening day.. (Android¬† Jelly bean, Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus7, Nexus Q and Google Glass ).

Google Announced this Following things :-
* Android Jelly Bean (Version 4.1) . Now the SDK available at
* New APIs are also available that allow you to build richer and more interactive notifications, transfer larger payloads through NFC, discover services over Wi-Fi, and much more.
* Now the Google chrome is the Default browser in Android You can also see more details here
* Google Galaxy Nexus
* Google Nexus 7 (Tablet). Looks awesome..
* Google Nexus Q (“Q”), a Computer – TV – Media Data share point – player . I like the design, it just look like a ball.

Here are the few videos about this Event Below YouTube videos are from C Net channel.

Google’s Jelly Bean


Google Glass

Nexus tablet

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