PhoneGap 1.9.0 Released with many features and bug fixes

PhoneGap team announced a new version 1.9.0 recently. This release focuses on bug fixes, the long awaited inclusion of Cordova webview on Android (Cleaver on iOS), and the inclusion of create scripts for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

We can now download from here

PhoneGap Logo with Windows Phone Android iOS Bada Blackberry
PhoneGap Logo with Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Bada, Blackberry

Note: Some PhoneGap Android plugins might have issues working with this latest version. If you are using plugins, please make sure to do some tests before upgrading.

There are many changes on each OS :-

iOS :-

  • Fixes CB-915 – Pause/resume events get fired twice
  • Fixes CB-877 – Opening a .doc file under iOS causes the file system API to break (and any other plugins that may use NSMutableArray pop)
  • Fixes CB-647 – Prefix/Namespace common native libraries
  • Fixes CB-961 – Can not remove contact property values anymore
  • Fixes CB-977 – MediaFile.getFormatData failing
  • [CB-943] decrease accelerometer interval from 100ms to 40ms
  • And more…

Android :-

  • adding a new create script
  • updating script to cleanup on exit/error
  • testing create2 script
  • updating templates reference
  • renaming create2
  • updating cordova.js version
  • fixing create script
  • And more…

BlackBerry :-

  • removed node modules from version control, whoops
  • added debug and emulate commands. log not possible on BB/PB
  • Removed unused scripts/cruft.
  • Forgot to update version file
  • Made sure cordova scripts are executable when copied over
  • And more…

Windows Phone :-

  • updated js file
  • js+path updates for 1.9.0 release
  • rebuilt for 1.9.0 release
  • fixed exiflib link
  • Capture parses EXIF data and rotates image based on EXIF_Orientation
  • camera API rotates image based on EXIF data
  • And more…

We can also get more details here and Documentation details here

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