Is Microsoft is planning to unify Windows Phone and Windows RT?

Windows 8
Today in internet a rumor about Microsoft and it's Windows Phone and Windows RT OS. Rumor is saying Microsoft is planning to make Windows Phone and Windows RT unify. We already now about this there are many rumors about it but it repeats again now. And this is what most of the end users excepting. Windows Rt is just for tabs we can run old Windows applications in it. So, in personal it is always but to make Windows Rt and Windows Phone OS unify. So that developers can also take advantage of it. ...

Add more camera lens to your Windows phone

Microsoft Blink Lens
Hello everyone, Windows Phone OS as one special and very good feature, it is Camera lens apps. Normal you can open camera from apps, but here we can open apps (lens) from camera. This is special in Win Phone 8.0. There are many lens available in Windows phone store. And from Windows Phone 8.0 GDR2 you can set default camera app. In that few lens apps Nokia listed in there blog page. In personal like Blink and Creative Studio. Blink : With BLINK for Windows Phone 8, you'll never miss the b...