Will iOS 6 apps run in iOS 7 after upgrade, if so how it will look like?

Titanium app in iOS-7
Hello everyone, recently I upgrade my iPhone 4s to latest iOS 7 beta 6. And I had doubt can we run current  iOS 6 apps in iOS 7 phone? How it will look, will it look like new UI/look (background with blue system icons)? And I had discussion to my friends (Ramki and Krish) about this. They told me to try to install current iOS 6 app in you latest iOS 7 phone and see. We think it will  work as it is and same like iOS 6. So, I tried with "Titanium kitchen sink", I build this app with iOS SDK...

Is Windows 8.1 RTM ready for OEMs

Windows 8.1
Today, there are few rumors about Windows 8.1 RTM in the net. People are saying Windows 8.1 development is completed on last Friday (23rd Aug 2013). So, it is ready to send to Hardware manufactures to install in there new devices before  send them for sale. And Microsoft is ready to solution the issue which are reported by OEMs. May be both OEMs and Microsoft work together for next few months and as rumor we will get Windows 8.1 public release on Oct, 2013. Microsoft will announce officially thi...