What we can expect in mobile technology & development 2013

Mobile usage is growing day by day. We use to call it a computer world, now I can say it is a smart phone world. Our day starts from the mobile phone alarm, reading news, check weather report, hearing songs, playing games, charting with friends, status updates in our social networks and finally end with setting alarm for the next day. So, your smartphone is like your personal assistant and best friend when your alone. So here is my opinion or predictions for 2013.

The opinions expressed here are my own personal opinions.

1) Blackberry 10 : RIM is going to release big smartphone OS device in few days. I really like BB hub very much and have had the opportunity to play with developer device, and I am almost happy with BB 10, super lock screen, great camera, best HTML5 browser and more.

2) Apple iPhone next version : There are a few rumors about the next version of iPhone name 6 or 5s. And also this time Apple is planning to release iPhone mini too, to grab more of the market. We can expect NFC (Near Field Communication) supported devices at least this time?

3) Ubuntu smartphone : Ubuntu recently announced their own smartphone OS. This is expected to come by this year end. as well as Ubuntu for Android.

4) Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko) : Mozilla is going to release another smartphone OS.

5) Facebook phone : We expect another big thing soon from FB. Facebook is going to have press meeting this month on the 15th. 4 more days to go. May be we can expect a new smartphone from them.

6) Samsung : Recently they announced S2 plus and we can expect S4 soon.

7) Nokia : Keep on working on Pureview, so we can expect more good camera model devices from Nokia in the near future. We can expect Android + Nokia maybe, even though total focus is on the Windows phone, there are few rumors about it.

8) Amazon : We can expect Amazon kindle to develop a small size (Smartphone) in this year.

9) Windows Phone : We can expect more market share for Windows phone. Lenovo may launch Windows Phone 8 device… and Sony?

Mobile development cross platform is growing very fast, even though it’s young now. We will get Titanium support for Windows Phone 8, maybe we can also expect support for Windows 8 market app development too. In door GPS may become popular this year, one of my friends said Google is working on this technology. And we can support more payment done using mobile phone. Yes, and NFC may going to play big role in this year.

If you think I missed something or wrong, you can post in comments below. Let this year change in mobile tech.

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